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What Is A Stand Up Pouch?

Stand up pouches are the new and innovative way of packaging your food products. Pouches are created using various laminations such as poly and foil. These laminations create the layers that make up the film. The film is then constructed and sealed on the edges and around the bottom to create a stand up pouch.

Stand up pouches are built with several standard features including the bottom gusset, reclosable zipper, tear notches, hang holes and windows. The bottom gusset opens up allowing for the pouch to stand on its own on the shelves and make filling the bag easy and convenient. The reclosable zipper or zip lock helps keep foods stay fresh longer without refrigeration by allowing you to close the bag after each use. Tear notches make the packages easier to open without the need for scissors or a knife. Hang holes are applied and used as an alternative way of displaying them in stores, while clear windows allow you to see what's inside the pouch.

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