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The Introduction Of China Drawstring Bags

 Drawstring bag is one kind of packet. China has wide range of production of drawstring bags. Here let’s have a brief introduction of China drawstring bags.

 Most of the materials used for a drawstring bag is flannelette, nylon, and non-woven cloth. Because of the cloth features, China drawstring bags have the advantages of flexible, convenient, light and simple, soft and gentle. At the same time, on the surface of a drawstring bag, personalized print, logo and patterns can be printed according to customer’s requirements. As well, drawstring bags sizes can be customized according to the package. All above, you can find comprehensive range of drawstring bags in the factory.

 What’s more, based on the materials used, China drawstring bags have the advantages of environment friend and wear resistance. Currently, they have become one kind of Environmental Protection Bags, widely used in the areas of gifts, jewelry, and cellphone and shopping.

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