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The Development History And Future Of Weekend Bag

China light leather processing occupies the highest state in the world. The export amount of weekend bag has taken the first place for continuous years of light industry. China is becoming the processing and production base of international brand leather weekend bag. The production technology has completely reached the international advanced level. After decades of rapid development, the classification of weekend bag has been fully enriched. China at the same time is the world shop for luggage bags.  There are four main weekend bag production bases in China namely Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Zhejiang and Hebei.

After the 21st century, more and more Chinese enterprises begin to attend exhibition abroad. Almost every quarter, there are a large number of China weed bag enterprises taking part in the exhibitions overseas. Many enterprises of weekend bag at home make appearance in the exhibition abroad, which plays an important role for the promotion of China weekend bags industry as well as the production and trade of China weekend bag.

With the coming of China weekend bag industry Big reshuffle era and great unwind, China weekend bag industry is forming a new pattern. The main factors having an influence on the transfer of weekend bag industry which belongs to the traditional labor-intensive industry are the cost of land, labor, logistics market and the associated industries in the in the middle and lower reaches. Among all these factors, land and labor are the direct elements causing the shift of weekend bag industry. Facing the weekend bag industry reshuffle, there are two roads for the China weekend bag enterprises. One is to retreat and close the shop. The other one for weekend bag is to face the difficulty and blaze new trails. They should open their eyes widely and seize the development opportunity of the weekend bag industry adjustment, to have a new round of great development. And I believe the second road is the best choice for these weekend bags merchants if they still want to have a share in the China weekend bag industry.

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