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Pay Attention To Some Aspects Of Stitched Bags

Stitched bags can follow people to various occasions. However, a lot of people ignored the cleanness of it. Some people only wipe the dirt on the surface of the stitched bags half a year, some even never clean it. The stitched bags used for a long time may be the shelter of dirt and bacteria. Stitched bags are usually holding for thing with frequent access, such as keys, cell phone, tissues, which themselves are carried with a lot of bacteria and dirt.

Others often put food, books and newspapers into the stitched bags, or even possibly leave dirt into the bag. And it is worse for the cleanness status on the surface of the stitched bags, because many people take a seat in the restaurant, stations, public places conveniently putting the stitched bags on the table, chair, or over the window. And if you throw the stitched bags into the sofa in the home, it would be more easily to get infected with bacteria.

Therefore, we should clean the carried stitched bags regularly. Most stitched bags are made of leather, the surface is dealt with plasticizer and colorants. Once in organic solvent, it would dissolve quickly. So it is best to clean with special leather cleaner. Not only can it decontaminate the dirt, in addition bacteria, also can make the leather become more shining.

If the stitched bags are made of cloth, it would be much easier to clean. You can directly soak the stitched bags in the water, use laundry detergent or soap washing. But it is important to turn over the stitched bags outside down. For stitched bags cannot be washed every day, you should be careful not to put unclean things into the stitched bags. Things that are easy to chip off and liquid should be packed carefully before putting into the stitched bags. You should arrange the items on the stitched bags every week to find dirt and clean it on time. In addition, don't put the stitched bags casually but hang them up.

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