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General Introduction About Travel Bag

The original design concept of car travel bag is to keep the car clean and well-organized and ordered at the same time, as well as to highlight the taste and demand for life. The unique opening and closing design of the car travel bags makes sure that you can easily get and open the travel bag without bending. There are four “magic locks” in the bottom of the car travel bag to ensure the safety of your valuables. Car travel bag uses quality PU leather, environmental protection ABS material with human design, to integrate new concept of leisure, environmental philosophy into the traditional car travel bag.

Travel bag refers to a kind of bag with all kinds of leather, leather, synthetic leather, textile fabrics as the fabric with the function of holding clothes and other objects through the hot pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, sewing craft production process. Travel bag has large capacity with a lot of functions. The material of the travel bag has the properties of wear-resistant, waterproof, corrosion-resistant.

While buying travel bag, you should pay attention to the rod, zipper, lock, tape, wheels and other accessories in addition to the material, workmanship.

Canvas travel bag is made of canvas which is known as strong and durable fabric. Its property of all-match also wins a lot of people’s love. You can match it with all your clothes. Because of good material, canvas travel bag always serves a long life. With more and more elements added to canvas travel bag, it is becoming more and more popular.

Fabric is the main material of the travel bag. It not only can directly affect the appearance of the travel bag, but also is related to the market price of the travel bag. So in the design and selection of the fabric, we should give more attention. Style shape, material and color are the three elements of the design. The color and material of the travel bag is directly reflected by the fabric. The style and shape of the travel bag also rely on the softness and thickness of the selected fabric.

Material can be used for travel bag fabric is various. It generally can be divided into leather bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth bags and so on 

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