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The Function And Advantage Of Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum foil bags are made of aluminum and other high barrier materials after dry compounding. Due to its light and glossy appearance, strong reverse power, good barrier properties, airtightness and moisture, it has strong temperature adaptability, stable shape at high or low temperatures, strong shading, and excellent moisture resistance, so aluminum foil bags have good properties. The moisture barrier, barrier, dark, penetration resistance and appearance of the features.

For food packaging, it can block air, prevent oxidation, waterproof, and moisture. The most important thing is the environmental characteristics of aluminum foil bags, which can protect food from contamination in the packaging process. In the packaging of electronic products, electronic components have relatively high sensitivity to air humidity and dust, so the moisture resistance of aluminum foil bags has been absolutely recognized.

Anti-static packaging advantages

The electronic components are placed directly on the wooden table. If there is static electricity on the wooden table, the electrostatic discharge will harm the electronic components. Aluminum foil bags use four-layer structure, and the unique four-layer structure can form “response hood” effect to protect the bag contents from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is composed of vinyl that can eliminate static electricity and has excellent anti-static properties.


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